First and foremost we are a FUNDRAISER event, our primary aim is to benefit mental health services and to show that dance and other creative art activities can help through our festival by raising awareness. There are lots of ways you can be involved to show support!


This website is constantly UPDATED below relevant to our next event, but if answers to your questions are not below, please email us or contact us via our Facebook page BEYOND DANCE proudly supporting BEYOND BLUE

UPDATE re: COVID 19 - this coming January 2021 we've decided with the rebuild of our venue and the virus making it just a bit too challenging, we now look forward to our next live event in 2022, but would love for our past beyonddancers (and anyone else) to post up their own Australia Day weekend "Wear Blue" dance, tag us on social media and mention Beyond Blue too for support and awareness, so many people have had the toughest year...our thoughts are with you all!

When & where is the event being held? 

Australia Day weekend 2022 VENUE: TBC as our usual Cowes Cultural Centre is at the moment being rebuilt, hopefully it will be ready by January 2022! 



Do you have BEYOND DANCE T-Shirts for sale?

YES and these are currently being redesigned to celebrate our 5 years in 2021

Forgot something or left your costume at home? 

Don’t Worry!! There is a Supermarket straight across the road for all the basics and remember at our event you can wear anything you like! Clothing shops abound the area and you will find something suitable :)

Do you have a Facebook Page?
Yes, check out our Facebook page at BEYOND DANCE proudly supporting beyondblue for all the latest news and while you are there, give us a “Like” and Share or invite your friends to join our page too.

Do you have an Instagram Page?
Yes, @beyonddance2020

How do we bring our music?
TBA for 2022


What are time limits for performances?

All age solo/duo student choreography items are up to 2mins stage time, except Newbie which is 1.5mins.

Minute to WinIT is a 1 minute maxVCE, Sing&Bling, Troupe Talent and Blue Challenge are up to 3mins. If you already have a self-choreographed dance you have done at another event that is longer in time, please let us know and where you are able, please adjust the routine to fit the time limit as much as possible for time-effective programming please. Please note we are STRICT on "MinuteToWinIT" as 60second swaps is part of the FUN! 

How do I get a Teacher Taught display item on the program for a solo, duo, trio or group?

Please contact us with your interest for 2022.

How do I enter?
Improvisation sections can be entered on the day, but other items must be pre-entered via trybooking which link opens on the last day of the Victorian mid-year school holidays in each year, however with COVID-19 disruptions we will not be able to open entries until we know for sure whether or not we can host the event next year (see note above).  

Do you still have discounts for a sibling (sister or brother) and past performers from previous years?

Yes. Our loyalty discounts still apply ie. use code word SIBLING to receive $5saving if you have more than one child entering on your YOUNGEST child’s booking and/or the code word PRIORITY for 5%saving if you are a past beyonddancer entering within the first month of entries being open.

How many items can I enter?

A performer may make ONE entry into each section relevant to their age group (eg. do your any-style solo in your specific age as a contemporary piece, then you might like to do a one minute jazz routine in Minute to WinIT and a classical creation in the Blue Challenge section, giving you 3 solo performances, plus you may like to add a duo with your sister giving you a total of 4 performances, but remember that your sister will also need a separate booking and payment for her part of the duo even if she is not entered in any other items).

Can I repeat a dance in another section?

Prefer no repeat dances, so unless you have a special consideration (eg. Newbie), please perform different dance routine/s and use different music in each section you enter, making our program also more interesting for viewing by our enthusiastic audience. Many locals and visitors to the island attend our event simply to see the performances!  Our event is also about showing other people who don't dance, how great the activity of dance is in all it's genres.

Who are the special guest performers? 

We have been privileged to have had many amazing special guest performances over the years, in 2020 an absolute highlight was introducing the inspiring Liam "Bugsy" Wilson for the Boys Only Opening, the energetic Dance Writer Youth Company in the morning and for the Blue Challenge afternoon championship we proudly watched a gorgeous "sea" themed piece by The Victorian State Youth Ballet!

Do I need to pay anything to enter the audience?


Audience viewing: $10 for just the morning solo sections, $5 for just The Blue Challenge OR $15 all day, donation appreciated (performers are free to watch in the audience when not on stage and a gold coin donation is appreciated for other children UNDER 13 who are not performing)


Extra Donations if you are able are VERY much appreciated. Every dollar helps!  We also have a RAFFLE and SILENT AUCTIONS which are also a fantastic way to support our fundraising for BEYOND BLUE


CLICK HERE to make a tax-deductible DONATION to our 2020 fundraiser ie. this link is for any teachers and students, supporters and parents wanting to make an extra donation from themselves individually or show their school's support from a group donation if they are not able to make the event date, but still want to be involved. eg. hosting a WEAR BLUE day at your dance school is a great idea (see our poster which you are welcome to use as it has been approved by Beyond Blue for promotion, but please let us know when you are hosting your day first)

Can my dance teacher help me?  

Taking into consideration your skills and experience your dance teacher may certainly recommend on the type of dance/s you choose to perform and they might like to suggest suitable music for your piece, but it would be best if you challenge yourself, be creative and create your own piece using the skills your teacher has taught you in classes (remember no acro in student chorey). PLEASE remember that this is a "student choreography" event, hence routines taught at workshops too should not be used, the pieces must be your OWN choreography.

Do I need to have permission from my dance school to enter a student teacher team in "Troupe Talent"? 

YES ask your dance school principal first before entering a team on their behalf, otherwise you would need to enter your team independently under your own name. Student teacher teams can be 2 - 7 performers with or without the student teacher performing in them, however if not performing, they still need to attend the event as they are the entrant/choreographer for presentations.

I am over 18, can I enter?  

YES, we now have a competitive 18-25yrs Open Choreography Challenge, any style you wish to perform of your own work, solo, duo or trio/small team.


Is improvisation included in entry?  

Improvisation is $5 for anyone who is also in a solo or duo section and this $5 covers any or all of the improvisation sections relevant to your age group plus open age.  For anyone wanting to enter only improvisation $10 paid on the day covers entry for all open age categories and your own age group, just arrive early to register.

What style is improvisation?  

We have both lyrical and jazz in combined age groups and an open age hip-hop championship!

I have a little sister/brother younger than 8 who would like to perform with me in a duo?  

Yes, this is ok provided you dance in your age group or the open age section (eg. if you are 11 and your sibling is 6 then enter junior duos, not mini).  Note we also have a free spot stage call for under 8 improvisation jazz for young siblings who would like to take the stage!

My daughter/son is younger, can they enter if they are happy to dance in the 8 year old solo category?  

Yes this is ok for children who have performed on stage before, please bear in mind it would be preferable to have a parent/guardian attend side stage with these younger performers. Note age of child at checkout please.

Do we need costumes?

Costumes, hair and make-up is completely optional at this event, you may wear costumes, dancewear or appropriate clothes for your piece, it is totally up to you. We do ask however that no costumes are worn in improvisation and just basic dancewear be worn for that. Please remember that we do ask for no tap shoes (unless otherwise indicated on entry info) and high heels are discouraged, knee pads are encouraged!

Do I need to wear blue in the Blue Challenge section?  

In the Blue Challenge, if you wear Blue (be it a costume or clothes) we will know you also want your performance considered for the Championship award within that section as well as your age group. The age group awards are scored over multiple adjudicators however the Championship is awarded to a piece that is the main adjudicator’s personal choice overall.  If you don’t want to compete for the overall award then please wear any colour you like!

Do I need to be any level of dancer to enter the Blue Challenge and are there any other requirements?  

You can be any level of dancer as our "Blue" Challenge section is about expressing the theme of Beyond Blue through your choreography in the genres of contemporary, lyrical, classical or neo. Be quick to enter this section as the 25 places fill quickly and bear in mind you also need to enter at least two other sections (excluding improvisation) in the day to enter the "Blue".


Our Blue Challengers are usually dancers who wish to show and tell an inspiring story... we have seen some incredible performances in just the past two years, some very personal and moving, some have the audience in tears and some see smiles from wall to wall. It is an exceptionally unique section, it is our highlight and our chance to show how dance can help mental health!

What about the workshop afterwards, can I stay or bring a friend who didn't dance at all in the competition?

YES! The workshop is presented by one of our adjudicators for all ages and all levels, it is called "Beyond Basics" and helps you to think outside the box when choreographing your own pieces, it inspires you to work with a goal in mind to create and inspire something a bit different with your unique flair! Entry is by grateful donation please and can be made with your entry or on the day (friends who are not in the competition are also welcome). The workshop runs after the Finale for about 45mins-1hr.

Who adjudicates?  

Amber Orchard is currently our main adjudicator assisted by a guest adjudicator/s each year in some sections. Assisting in 2017 was Jade Humphrey and in 2018 Jessica Poulter. In 2019 our assistant adjudicator was pilates and dance educator, Sophie Louise Briggs. In 2020, Chelsea Byrne joined us, Chelsea has supported Beyond Dance since its inception and she very much enjoyed her first time actually attending the event and hosting the workshop!

Adjudicator AMBER ORCHARD is a studio owner and a proud mum of two beautiful girls, we ask her back every year because we get nothing but positive praise from her and about her. She is a wonderful ambassador for dance and has spent over a decade performing and teaching in the dance industry both in Australia and overseas. Amber’s career highlights included a contract performing at Universal Studios Japan and on the Australasian tour of A Chorus Line, but closer to home she developed the Parallel Youth Dance Company (when youth companies were basically unheard of in Australia) she and her team choreographed and produced unique productions of “Sleep”, “Siblings” and “Iconic” with a cast of talented young dancers from all over Melbourne.  Amber loves to see children grow in dance and take advantage of any performing opportunities on stage, she iis welcoming of everyone from everywhere and she is also one of the first up on stage from the audience for our finale, further supporting and having fun with the kids she enjoys watching all day!! 

2020 Guest Adjudicator & Workshop Host CHELSEA BYRNE Melbourne based dance educator and independent artist Chelsea is dedicated to mentoring young artists in exploring dance as an art form, expanding movement vocabulary, developing individual style and analytical thinking. Chelsea studied dance extensively, completing a B Arts (Dance) / B Education (UNSW 2007), Post Graduate Diploma in Performance Creation (VCA 2012) and Master of Dance (VCA 2017). She shares her passion and experience providing contemporary dance, improvisation, choreography and conditioning workshops across Victorian and has developed school dance programs in Sydney, Melbourne and London (UK). She is a F.I.I.T. Mentor for The Space Dance and Arts Centre where she also develops VET curriculum and coordinates accredited courses. As a dancer, Chelsea has collaborated with graduate artists Shelley O’Meara (2016- 2019), Jessie L. Warren (2018), Susannah Keebler (2018) and Gemma Notarpiertro (2016-2017). She performed in Victoria Hunt’s Tangi Wai… The Cry of Water for Dance Massive (2017), Hypnagogia choreographed by Amanda Lever (2015) and was an inaugural member of Austinmer Dance Theatre. Her artistic practice privileges improvisation, multidisciplinary collaboration and relational structures between performer and audience.

Please note that our wonderful adjudicators provide their service free of charge (yes, entire time) as is all our team, both expert professionals and many volunteers (all WWCC approved).  Everyone on this event wants to see such a great cause supported and we know that dance can help!  

Will there be a canteen at the event? 

Sorry we don’t organise a canteen because there is a large supermarket straight across the road, a shopping complex another short walk away and lots of lovely little cafes within walking distance to support local small business on the island, the local islanders are very supportive of our event, so if you can please support them in return and let them know you are visiting for Beyond Dance! 

Is it recommended to book accommodation in advance if we want to stay over?

Yes. Whilst last-minute accommodation may be available nearby, it could be more expensive. The island is always busy in January regardless, but this is also a long weekend so there are lots of visitors because there are lots of fun things to do (our event is one of them), beaches, shopping, tours, walks, hiking, fishing, boating, wineries, wildlife and many tourist attractions are both on the island and close by, it makes for a wonderful family weekend!  

How do I see the professional photos taken at the event or at the beach shoot afterwards? 

Please contact photographer directly: Tamara Eagleton ph: 0422 758 821

Can I advertise my business at the event?

Yes. You can either donate prizes in exchange for advertising or give printed information that we we can arrange to include in our all our performers' gift bags for low cost, just give us a call. There is also a stall opportunity outside the main hall in the foyer area making it accessible to the public and tourists (give us a call if interested for 2021).

Close by is Cowes Foreshore

2020 THE BLUE Encouragement Award - Jayda

Photo credit: Monsta Images Dance & Stage Photography

2020 Honours Dance from 2019 BLUE CHALLENGE CHAMP, Cerys 

Photo credit: Monsta Images Dance & Stage Photography 

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