Brooke and I loved our afternoon at Beyond Dance in January this year. It was great to see so many dancers doing what they love to help raise money for such an important charity. Everyone was incredibly friendly and it was a lovely intimate theatre! After the comp. we spent the early evening at the beautiful Cowes beach. All up a fantastic day on Phillip Island  

Belinda 2018

The island has never seen so much dance action, I enjoyed seeing quite a few kids I knew on the stage, I went both years and it was so much FUN!!!! Well done to the organisers and highly recommended for all involved, we loved it. Sharon 2017 & 2018

When I first heard about the event launch in 2016, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However the welcoming atmosphere made it feel like I had been there before, not to mention the joy spread by people doing what they love for such an important cause. Since the comp is all student choreography, everyone is able to get on stage despite experience and have a good time. I can’t help but to forget about the competition side of it and just consider it another chance to share my passion with others. After a first-hand experience with anxiety ‘Beyond Dance’ helped me to see how much of a positive impact movement can have on the mind, and after being named the 2018 Dance Ambassador I have been able to share this magic with others, whilst being on and off the stage. Can’t wait for the coming years!  Olivia Withington 2017, 2018 and 2019

It is a fantastic event with a great deal of support and encouragement from everyone that attends towards all the young dancers expressing themselves on the stage. It is wonderful to see all their young faces light up during their performances on the stage and see their delight in the response from the audience applaud. It gives a great message of hope to all young people to believe in themselves and to never give up on what makes them happy or what they want to achieve because there will always be someone who will be there to lift up their spirits. That is why it is so great that the proceeds for this event go to beyond blue as it is a resource for people who are feeling hopeless to reach out to someone who will listen when they feel nobody else will and it also raises awareness of the organization to the performers that this may also be a place for them to turn if they themselves are feeling down. The section of the blue dance really helps portray this message through dance too.  Nicole 2018

Beyond Dance is a great way to try and explore new things without the pressure of Eisteddfods or need for professional costumes.  Both of my daughters have been to the last two events and really enjoy the improvisation dancing and freedom of doing their own choreography. Last year my youngest daughter made up her own choreography and costume and tried her very first song and dance routine.  It was her first time singing solo on stage which she did with confidence and enjoyed it so much that she has since gone on to learn a song and dance solo routine at her dance school that she is performing at Eisteddfods.  Thank-you for the opportunity to allow them to grow! Neroli 2017 & 2018

I like making up my own choreograpy, choosing the music and costumes. For the Blue Challenge you get to tell a story through dance. This year my story was about choosing to be positive. When I dance at Beyond Dance I get to do what I love and raise money for an important cause all at the same time.

Cooper 2017 & 2018


I actually thought the event would be just a small thing with no real significance and entered my dance loving daughter more as support for beyondblue (a cause close to my own heart), boy was I wrong!! Not only did we get to support a good cause, but from the minute we arrived at the door it was evident this dance comp was going to be different! We both felt the biggest welcome we’d ever had at any dance event, she was treated like a VIP by the side stage ladies (as was everyone), smiled, laughed and more the whole day through and had told me by lunch time she couldn’t wait to get back the next year, pity we missed 2018 so bring on 2019!  Sonia 2017

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