This event came about from an idea of our children who are all keen dance students in different styles (you know the ones that never stop twirling and practicing high kicks whether at dance class, the supermarket or the beach!)

There are fantastic dance competitions on all year round, but we couldn’t find one focused on student choreography just how the kids pictured it and one that would support our wish to encourage dance in the wider community for the benefit of mental health, so together with an event organiser, fundraising co-ordinator and dedicated team of volunteers, we created one.

Our volunteer team put our heads together, joined with adjudicators and teachers and other parents who thought “what a great idea” and here is the result, a chance to dance, a chance to create inspiration at BEYOND DANCE – proudly supporting Beyond Blue

Dance is a physical activity that may help improve mental health, just like any other exercise.  Many adults say dance class was or still is their “happy place”, many kids who find school difficult yearn for their dance class each week where they set their body and mind free and be whoever they want to be.  Boys who can’t wait to don their tap shoes or leap through the air with strength and focus should be every bit as encouraged to dance as those who love to play on the oval.  Why shouldn’t the girl who is “a bit weird” because she pirouettes down the corridor and opens her locker with an arabesque, be motivated to pursue her dance dream as well as her goal to become a doctor? A chair on wheels can bring a whole new level to a moving lyrical routine and special need students find their own exciting rhythm!

We believe everyone can experience the joy of dance and creating same is within everyone.  Whatever your reason, whether dance be a hobby, therapy, exercise, a semi-serious interest or an absolute life-long passion, there are so many great dance schools, coaching programs and opportunities to dance –welcome to ours, Beyond Dance – proudly supporting Beyond Blue

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